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The  "Angel"

by Nurse, Pamela Joy Wrobel

Pam was previously an operating room nurse but in 1994 she had Guillian Barre Syndrome and was paralyzed from the neck down. In 1996, she returned to work as a pre-operatory nurse where the love of a dear friend encouraged Pam to realize that God could use her more for patients in that area. In 2001, Pam began to draw angels on pillowcases, in memory of another close friend and colleague, to give others comfort and hope. She has drawn thousands of angels on pillowcases for patients undergoing unbelievable challenges.

Angel Heart of Hope Nurse Pam with Bella holding pillow caes
Nurse Pam with Bella and Angel pillow

Pam was Bella's pre-op nurse, and through her simple act of love and compassion, helped inspire Bella to spread the love and touch the lives of others. When Bella approached Pam with her charity mission and vision, Pam loved the idea and immediately volunteered to draw her angels on the gifted pillowcases. The first pillowcase delivery was in April 2017 and has been on going since. The fact that Bella was placed in nurse Pam's pre-op room prior to her major surgery was not a coincidence but part of God's greater plan. 

The Angel
Angel Heart of Hope Bella on mountain top praising God

To help as many children as possible with life-threatening illnesses and give them hope to never give up by spreading God's love through gifts and the gospel. This was done through Bella’s selfless acts of giving during her suffering and her unwavering faith which has inspired thousands across the world. Let's help bring Bella's vision to fruition!

Bella's proud parents, Brenda and Dorin Muntean, and sister Julia have been facing life's most unbearable challenges since her cancer diagnosis and death. Shortly after Bella began her charity, she asked her mom something during her nightly treasured bubble bath. Here is the story by her mom:

Bella's Wish

&  the Promise

"With a smile on her face, Bella said to me".. ."Ma, nothing is going to happen to me because God is going to heal me, but if something did happen, I want you to promise me that you will continue my charity helping all of these children."


I looked at her in shock and said, "Bella, I can't promise that, because if something happened to you, I will end up in an insane asylum because I can't go on without you." She immediately began sobbing and said, "Ma, PLEASE!!! These children need you and you are all I have to make this happen." I looked at her with tears streaming down my face, realizing how passionate she was in her heart about the importance of helping children like her and I said..."Bella, I promise that if anything happens to you, which it won't because God is going to heal you, that I will continue your charity helping as many children as possible."


She looked at me and said "Thank you, Ma. I love you so much!" She smiled and I told her how much I loved her too, hugged her and told her that she was going to be okay because God has this! She never brought this subject up again."

Angel Heart of Hope Bella on Rock Ledge praising
Angel Heart of Hope Bella's T-shirt

Bella's Vision 

With God, All Things Are Possible. Matthew 19:26.


One of Bella's dreams from the creation of her charity was to be able to build a free-standing Children's Hospital in downtown Greenville, SC.  A place that is fun, bright, and joyful with room for all ages of children to play and feel like it is a home away from home instead of a regular hospital setting would be incredible!

During the 2+ years of Bella’s treatment in the Children's Cancer ward by her exceptional hospital care team,  they had to combine the ward with another unit on the same floor. The teen room was removed, the use of toys in the hallway was limited by the children with cancer and a toy room was shared. The parent room, where parents ate, was removed, not adding another parent room until the last couple of months of Bella’s treatment.

Some families travel distances and their children are there for a month at a time or longer. Also, the waiting room by the elevators on the 5th floor was shared with other units.

The Children's Cancer Ward is separated from the Children's Hospital and its amenities. As the pediatric needs continue to increase, combining these environments into one separate hospital would be beneficial, not only creating a supporting impact for the families but also those in our community and visiting.

 Maybe one day, Bella's dream can become a reality.

Bella wearing the "Bella Shirt" by loving teacher, Kaci Roper

Bella's Vision
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