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The Mission/Ministry and The Angel's Story

Bella Muntean-Angel Heart Of HOPE Ministry

Bella Muntean-Angel Heart Of HOPE Ministry was founded by, and is in the memory of Bella Muntean. Bella spent most of her 15 years performing selfless acts for others in need, giving all the glory to God. Bella has shown how God can take the efforts of one small individual and touch thousands of hearts worldwide - even in the midst of her struggle with cancer. Imagine what God can do through you!  We invite you to not only read the miraculous stories of Bella and her friends, but to share your stories as well.

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“For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.” Psalms 91:11

Bella was your typical fun loving, joyful and healthy child. She only had an antibiotic once in 12 years prior to her diagnosis. She was in gymnastics, then spent several years in jazz and ballet dance, was a part of the Jr. Cotillion, an avid flute player (accepted into State a week before her cancer diagnosis) and a straight A student being part of the Duke Tip program. Her dream was to attend Clemson or Harvard. She had a passion for photography, traveling and community service. While growing up in MI before she moved to SC in 2nd grade,  she  enjoyed ringing the bell with her sister for Salvation Army, was active in the church when she was little, helping out at the soup kitchen and serving the homeless.

One man who was homeless, Chris, rode his bicycle everywhere, even in the winter, and Bella befriended him. We would meet him at McDonald's across from where we lived and visit with him. He would have icicles in his beard and we offered him to stay with us, which he visited us once for a warm meal, but he preferred to meet us at McDonald's. We tried to help him through the church and he did come once or twice. He loved talking with Bella and was a former engineer who became an alcoholic and lost everything. Truly, we are all like Chris, in the fact that we are all sinners in need of a Savior. Even then, Bella had such compassion for others who were hurting and had problems.

Bella’s Gifts and Talents


Bella Muntean (12 yrs. old) playing the flute in 7th grade for a competition which she was accepted into State the weekend before her cancer diagnosis:

This is a song she loved and I wanted to share it with you on today, her six month anniversary into heaven. Over 4400 likes on Instagram

Bella enjoyed gymnastics, jazz dance and ballet.

Photos above from left to right: Bella at jazz recital April 2013, Bella at jazz recital April 2015, Bella at her ballet recital May 2014, and Bella before Jr. Cotillion Ball April 2015.

About a year before Bella passed, we discovered that Bella could play the piano by memory, without music sheets, from any song she heard. She had a gift to play by ear and it was a gift from God.

The video of Bella at the piano was taken around Thanksgiving 2017.


A Compassionate Heart

Muntean family at a Romanian Orthodox Monastery in June 2009

While visiting Dorin's family in Romania when Bella was 6 years old, it was during a trip to an orphanage that impacted Bella's heart forever. Bella heard us speak about the orphanages there and insisted that we pack one of our suitcases full of her clothes and toys for the children. When we delivered the items, a 4-5 yr old mute girl who was in a crib was excitedly reaching her hands out to Bella. I will never forget what happened next...Bella removed the necklace around her neck and placed it around the little girl's neck and hugged her. I stood there with tears streaming down my face and they were both full of smiles and laughing! They couldn't speak to each other but the language of love is universal and of God. I wanted to take all of these children home with me. Bella often spoke of this memory which inspired her continuation with selfless acts of kindness.

Also, in 5th grade, out of the 10 hours required for community service through Beta Club, Bella had 106 hours by the end of the school year. She performed many deeds for the residents of the nursing home where her grandma resided at the time. But, one of her favorite things was raising money for a local boy, Joe, who had cancer and wanted to go to Legoland through Make A Wish. Bella made loom band bracelets and sold them everywhere including the grocery lines while waiting with me, at school, church and at our garage sale where she wanted a table just for Joe:) She raised over $600 by herself and we added an additional amount.

She mentioned to me several times during her cancer journey that she never realized that one day she would be a recipient of a Make A Wish trip. The same 5th grade year, Bella was nominated by her lovely teacher, Bakita Knebel, and selected as one of "10 Students Who Make A Difference" in the Upstate Parent's Magazine. In this article, Bella is holding a photo of an acrylic painting that she painted when she was 10 years old, competed against 5th-8th graders in the State of SC at the Beta Club Convention and won 2nd place. She wanted to paint the bird yellow (which is her type of cancer ribbon color) and gave it the title "Random Acts of Kindness." This was all part of God's plan.

Even during her cancer treatment, Bella raised $1,100 by herself on instagram to purchase over 40 various sized American Girl dolls at the AG Benefit Sale to give to children with cancer and  life threatening illnesses. We always tried to teach Bella and Julia the importance of giving back because your life can truly change in an instant, like ours did, and you never know when you will be needing help.

Her Random Acts of Kindness

Bella with loom bands she made to raise money for "Joe" - Dec 2013

Bella in 5th grade after she won the cake walk, immediately she wanted to donate it to the soup kitchen.

Bella with cookies she helped make for the staff at the nursing home - Feb 2014

Bella with table she set up to raise money for "Joe"- April 2014

Samaritan's Purse boxes Bella prepared - Dec 2013

Bella with Christmas cards she wrote and included Religious bookmarks she made with friends for the residents at the nursing home - Dec 2013

Bella with her yellow bird painting, she titled “Random Acts of Kindness” - June 2014

Bella with her yellow bird painting, she titled “Random Acts of Kindness” - June 2014

Bella as a Jr Girl Scout - October 2011

Bella’s Unwavering Faith

Yell Ribbon.png

It is every parent's worst nightmare hearing the words "Your child has cancer or a life-threatening illness." On January 16, 2016, at the age of 12, Bella was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. Despite all of her daily suffering and numerous physical challenges, Bella gave it all to God. With a smile on her face and unwavering faith, Bella inspired people of all ages worldwide, even those of different languages, religions, and cultures.

Bella was inspired to create Angels Of Hope during her cancer treatment from an angel drawn on her pillowcase by her pre-operative nurse, Pam Wrobel. The angel brought her so much comfort and hope that she kept it with her at every hospital stay. Bella suggested that we take the pillowcases and fill them with gifts to help children undergoing chemotherapy.

Bella with hair shaved off in - March 2016

Bella with hair shaved off in - March 2016

Bella with scanner at Cleveland Clinic 2017

Bella with scanner at Cleveland Clinic 2017

A Photo of Bella’s lungs with tumors, too many to count-lungs should be clear. April 2017

A Photo of Bella’s lungs with tumors, too many to count-lungs should be clear. April 2017

Bella with her love of photography

Bella with her love of photography

“But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

Nurse Pamela J. Wrobel and Bella with angels that Pam creates on the pillowcases.

Nurse Pamela J. Wrobel and Bella with angels that Pam creates on the pillowcases.

Nurse Pamela J. Wrobel:

Pam was previously an operating room nurse but in 1994 she had Guillian Barre Syndrome and was paralyzed from the neck down. In 1996, she returned to work as a pre-operatory nurse where the love of a dear friend encouraged Pam to realize that God could use her more for patients in that area. In 2001, Pam began to draw angels on pillowcases, in memory of another close friend and colleague, to give others comfort and hope. She has drawn thousands of angels on pillowcases for patients undergoing unbelievable challenges.

Pam was Bella's pre-op nurse, and through her simple act of love and compassion, helped inspire Bella to spread the love and touch the lives of others. When Bella approached Pam with her charity vision, Pam loved the idea and immediately volunteered to draw her angels on the gifted pillowcases. Thus, the first pillowcase delivery was in April 2017 and has been on going since. The fact that Bella was placed in nurse Pam's pre-op room prior to her major surgery was not a coincidence but part of God's plan. 

The Promise

Julia, Brenda, Dorin and Bella at the MOMA in NY - July 2016

Julia, Brenda, Dorin and Bella at the MOMA in NY - July 2016

Brenda & Bella in Paris - July 2009

Bella, Brenda, Dorin and Julia wearing their “Mickey Mouse” ears

Dorin, Brenda, Julia and Bella on vacation in Aruba

Bella's Parents, Brenda and Dorin Muntean and sister Julia

Brenda and Dorin, Bella's proud parents, have been fighting in the trenches daily, since her cancer diagnosis and death, facing life's most unbearable challenges. Shortly after Bella began her charity, she asked her mom something during her nightly treasured bubble bath. Here is the story..."With a smile on her face, Bella said to me.. ."Ma, nothing is going to happen to me because God is going to heal me, but if something did happen, I want you to promise me that you will continue my charity helping all of these children." I looked at her in shock and said, "Bella, I can't promise that, because if something happened to you, I will end up in an insane asylum because I can't go on without you." She immediately began sobbing and said, "MA, PLEASE!!! These children need you and you are all I have to make this happen." I looked at her with tears streaming down my face, realizing how passionate she was in her heart about the importance of helping children like her and I said to her..."Bella, I promise that if anything happens to you, which it won't because God is going to heal you, that I will continue your charity helping as many children as possible." She looked at me and said "Thank you, Ma. I love you so much!" She smiled and I told her how much I loved her too, hugged her and told her that she was going to be okay because God has this! She never brought this subject up again."

Also, since Bella was 4 years old, continuing throughout her life and cancer journey, she had shared with her mother many instances where she could see spirits and angels. Bella was never afraid of death but Brenda knows this is because God showed her a glimpse of the other side and how beautiful and peaceful it was. It was evident that God had His hand on her life protecting her with His angels, love and mercy. Eventually, Brenda will write a book to give others hope in the Love of God by sharing these spiritual experiences along with Bella's ministry to others, unbeknownst to her parents, with stories and messages sent to them after her passing. Psalm 91:11 For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

Now, as Brenda, Dorin and Julia continue daily to face the painful loss of their beloved Bella, they are forever inspired and encouraged by their young daughter/sister who never wavered in her faith for God. They feel led to continue her legacy by honoring God and His blessing of bringing Bella's dreams of this non-profit to fruition. 2 Corinthians 12:9 My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.

Julia's High School Graduation- May 2014

Bella's Parents, Brenda and Dorin Muntean and sister - Julia January 2016

Bella with sister Julia who decorated her super bling pink cast in - August 2016

Dorin, Brenda and Bella, at Disneyland - May 2018

The Mission

Our mission is to give hope to all children with life-threatening illnesses through our gifts of love. And in carrying out the vision, we also want to inspire others to share their stories of how God has miraculously impacted their lives, as well as to challenge any and everyone to be a blessing to others.


Let's ALL BE and GIVE like BELLA:)