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Happy Valentine's Month! Feb. 20 is sponsorship "Celebration" event deadline

Happy Valentine's! The month of February is so festive with all of the hearts and love in the air! Let's keep celebrating and sharing the love of God with everyone!

February 20th is the sponsorship deadline if a business would like to be recognized on our March "Celebration" fundraising event page. You can go on our website at: under the Sponsor Tab and complete the application. We are in need of 2022 annual sponsors to help support children with cancer or life threatening illnesses and their families through gifts and financial support for rent/mortgage, utilities and funeral expenses. Please share this with others you also think may be interested. Thank you for your support!

Thank you for your continual prayers and supporting children with life threatening illnesses. There are many unexpected financial burdens placed on a family, especially due to hospital stays. Please remember the children who are fighting, those in remission and the families who have lost a loved one.

God is our strength; keep your focus on Him and pray! If you would like me to add your name to the prayer list, please email me at: and I will update the prayer list regularly. You can also email me with any specific prayer requests that you want me to pray about privately. Let's treat everyone with love and kindness.

Hera Lainey, a music singing artist and dear friend created a single "Some People Never", written and sung by her in memory of Bella. It is available for purchase on itunes and various music sites. 100% of the proceeds from this song will go towards our ministry! Her website is you so much Hera for this beautiful and heartwarming memorial and everyone for your support!

Also Areshi, Hera's husband, released a song "After You" and the link is: His website is

If you shop on Amazon, you can use for the same price but a portion of every purchase will go back to our non-profit. You will find our non-profit listed on there. Thank you for doing something so simple that provides a great impact! Here is our link: If you donate to UNITED WAY through your paycheck, you can have our ministry as the recipient. Just write/type in Bella Muntean- Angel Heart of Hope Ministry. Thank you so much for your support! It all makes a difference! If you have chosen our ministry as a recipient of United Way, please feel free to let me know because we would like to thank you since United Way is unable to release donor information. Plus, if you make any donations on our Facebook page please let us know because they also don't release donor information. It is best to go directly to our website to make a donation so we can acknowledge you:)

plus...All of the families who are forever hurting because of losing a child or loved one... Also, please pray for complete healing and needs for our dear friends: Samantha Stacy,Steve Pollard, Molly Gritt, Pam Melton,Julie and Hayden Pare,Bonnie Vaughan, Dorin, Linda Creel, Suzanne Greene, Doris Howell,Sally Hooch,Sam & Elaine Brown,Christian Rhett,Jarus Amphan, Katie,Chumpon Tantawanichpisal,Tricia, Louisa, Judy,Pam,Gary,Florence,Hailey, Isaiah,Sidney,Jeff, Jordan, Kelli Myers, Abbi and McKinley, Marian,John, Christopher, little Kylie &Char, Carrie, Licita Rogers and sister Tomeka Hall, Gerry DiStefano, Deborah DiStefano-remission from cancer, Jennifer Woolman, Paulette, Julie, Larry Spivey, Sue and Bill, Wanda,Fanny and Flavio, John & Annette Hunter,Walter and Holly Kondracki(healing so she can have necessary surgery soon),Kristen and Steve, Dendall Wood, Eric-to be seizure free, Brian, Casey O'Brien-Minnesota Gopher battling osteosarcoma cancer, Trina, Lauren Keraga, Anabel, Sandy, Laura, Liliana Maysonet- complete healing from cancer,Laurenda,Cindy,Michael,Bobbie, Jesse, Roger, Kelly Arnold, Noah, Stanley, London, Paula Blair, Jordan, Ken Isaacson,Lisa Bryson, John, Sharon Ditto, Larry,Lisa,Melinda, Karla, Priscilla, Nancy Watson and Darrell,Linda,Sandra,Dawn,Nathalie, Melanie, Tess,Cameron, Kim Stepp, Will (remain cancer free forevermore), Janice,Ella,Hannah, Alyssa, Brady, Bonnie, Stephanie, Jillian Woodring-leukemia, Whitney Williams-8 yr old with afibrinogenemia, Michaela & Tyler Shelley,Sarah, Jada-6 yr old in remission from cancer, Lawson (14 yr old recently diagnosed with cancer),Avery Magliorisi (for proper treatment and complete healing of her eating disorder and for thefamily), Brigitte, Collene, Gabby, Silvia, Ingrid, Missy, Demere and Laura, Ralphaelo, Doug, Paul, David, Susan, Janice Hammond, Selah Henderson-child in remission from cancer, Addie Freeman-child in remission from cancer and Amari Kali-child with cancer,Lucca,Jameson, Diego, Tristan, Miss Peyton-cancer, Master Peyton-cancer, Elizabeth, Caillyn(remain cancer free forevermore), Ally, 5 yr old Carter, Valentina-child cancer, Hazel, Isaiah, Evie-child with cancer,Abbie Barnette-teen in treatment for cancer, Maddie Barnett-child with cancer, Sylvia, Terry, Kostas Halkias, Kim,James Green, Gunner, Kayla Graham, Lucas, Frank Tocci, Keane, J.C. Schow, Cailin, Stanley,Christopher, Doug, Joyce Galloway, Tammy Daniels , Anna-IBS, Ritsuko, Carla at CCP, Ava Woodard-child with cancer, David Freed-remission from cancer, Jaceon-child with sickle cell anemia, 6 yr old David William Krieger-Robinson complete healing from cancer-A.L.L. Leukemia, David-15 yr old with cancer, Jeanette, Rosalie, Ollie, Skylar Legano-teen with osteosarcoma (bone cancer), Raluca Christina, Kim, Simona Buliga, Alonzo, Ben Armstrong,Mary Catherine, Chris who has a brain tumor to be completely healed, Bob, April, Scott, Chad, Mick, Angela, Charite, Jammie-healing from ovarian cancer, Obadiah Hall, Sue, Ariel Griffith. Alyssa Jones, Jarrod Holt, Nyleek, Anahi, Levi, Keandre, Kieli, Kenzie, Violet, Jayden, baby Lindsey, Chloe Bella, Allyson Pack-Adair,, Valerie, Judy, Kristy, Tyler, Lila, Joe Kane, Bill Manwaring, John Hampton, Vivian Laws, Faith, Nancy, Cosmin Florian, Mikel Lee, Dave Sherman , Laylah, Dakota, Jaicee, Taryn, Kelly Malena, Betty, Addidlyn Holmes,Mark Gomol, Don Smith, Merrilynn, Dee Hook, Glenda Smith and all of their families along with wisdom, good health and guidance for the doctors and staff who care for them:) please don't stop praying! We need and believe in prayer!!!! Prayer is sooo powerful!!!

The message from my book is "Hearts of Love & Peace." When I was little, I was so excited for Valentine's Day at school so I could read all of the cute valentine's from my friends placed inside the box my mom would lovingly help me decorate. LOVE....we all need love to survive! A hug, kiss, tender touch, gentle word, a kind deed or act, loving prayer, etc...It is so easy in this busy life to overlook the many ways that we are loved and how God expresses His love for us so we can share this love with others. Sometimes, it comes in the most unexpected ways.

A few weeks ago on a difficult early morning, I was sadly reminded of six years ago, when Bella woke up and had severe trouble breathing. It was the beginning of her cancer journey.

That same morning I was asked to visit Bella's elementary school to pick up an extremely generous check from a fundraiser that the Beta Club held for our ministry, unbeknownst to me. I hadn't been there since she attended many years ago. As I was waiting, the kind Principal came up front and asked me to come back. She welcomed me with open arms and lovingly took me back to show me a beautiful memorial wall display that they did for Bella. Also, her art teacher, who Bella loved, created a heartwarming painting on canvas next to her display and as I looked at this loving wall memorial, I immediately felt the tears coming!

Then, she took me around the corner to show me two grocery carts overflowing with bags of food for students in need on the weekends. They call them "Bella Bags" because of her loving spirit of giving. They began with 20 bags and and now they have over 80! It was truly such a humbling moment to see God's impact of love through Bella and her legacy of love that continues.

That evening, I shared the joys of what happened that morning at the school with Dorin, but didn't remind him of the date's significance. My heart was still so heavy that day and night with grief. The next morning, Dorin excitedly told me three times about the most vivid dream that he had of Bella. He grieves terribly and said that he never dreams of Bella and longs to have dreams like I do with her. It just so happened that night, a loving and peaceful heart came to him. He dreamt that Bella was 4-5 years old, playing on the ground, looking up at us laughing and smiling. He kept asking me, "Is she really here?" I kept telling him, "Yes!" He said it felt so real as if he was in another place. He also said that he felt her joy and peace. This was the first time he ever sensed this blessing. Then, I asked Dorin if he knew what the date was? He looked at me puzzled. When, I told him and the significance, his jaw dropped open. He said that he knew it was a sign from Bella that she was okay and he felt it for the very first time! I kept thanking God for His blessing of this dream for Dorin.

Little did I realize the many signs of love, by God and others, over the years that would come our way and fill our hearts with peace. Somehow, this loving peace that is so powerful and unexplainable fills us even in our deepest grief. I am so grateful and blessed by these "Hearts" of Love and Peace."

Scripture verse: Romans 15:13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Wishing you all many blessings!

In Peace and Love,


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