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March- 4th Annual "Celebration" Fundraiser!

Lenten season has begun and the signs of spring and renewal are all around us:) This period offers us a beautiful time to reflect on our spirituality and personal walk with Christ. There is something exhilarating about seeing flowers pop up out of the ground, trees budding and blossoming after a cold winter that refreshes the spirit.

Our upcoming 4th Annual "Celebration" fundraiser is next week- March 10th-12th, beginning at noon on March 10th. The event may be viewed at:

For those who are unable to view or participate that weekend, the event will remain up for viewing at your convenience and donations received through the end of the month to help us meet/exceed our goal.

This is our ONLY annual fundraiser that directly supports our families. More families are reaching out to us and their many needs are ongoing. There are extra burdens on families due to hospital stays and when their child is in treatment. Also, one parent usually has to quit working and becomes the 24/7 caregiver which places a huge financial strain on the family. We help families with gift cards for food, gas, emergency needs plus financial assistance for rent, mortgage, utilities, medical bills, funeral expenses and emergencies.

Also, when a child receives one of your gift donations during treatment, it lifts their spirits and makes them feel loved during their battle! I pray that you will participate in our event and be blessed by it. No donation is too small and it all makes a difference for these children and their families.

We thank all of our Business Sponsors for their support! We are ALWAYS in need of 2023 business annual sponsors. This is how we receive some of our greatest amount of funding to help support our programs.

Also, we have NEW OPPORTUNITY to help businesses be recognized on our event page and we are offering a $75 Cherub Event sponsorship. The donation needs to be received by March 9th. You can view the sponsor level sections and the Cherub Sponsorship at

The Sponsor Packet below is for annual sponsors. Please share all of this with others!

Sponsor Packet 2023(1)
Download PDF • 4.13MB

Remember our ministry in prayer, the families we serve and the medical teams that care for children with life threatening illnesses. We are truly humbled and blessed to be on this journey of faith. If you would like me to add your name to the prayer list, please email me at: and I will update the prayer list regularly. You can also email me with any specific prayer requests that you want me to pray about privately. God is love. Treat everyone with love and kindness.

Bella, my dad and Dorin's father share the same birthday on March 24. Bella would be 20 years old and passed away two weeks after her 15th birthday. My dad is the only one of them living. Please keep our family in prayer.

Hera Lainey has legally changed her to name to Thomasin Grace. She is a music singing artist and a dear friend who created a single "Some People Never", written and sung by her in memory of Bella. It is available for purchase on itunes and various music sites. 100% of the proceeds from this song will go towards our ministry! Her website is still: It is a beautiful tribute!

Also Areshi, Thomasin's husband, released a song "After You" and the link is: Areshi's website is:

If you shop on Amazon, our former link is extinct- Amazon no longer offers a portion of purchases to nonprofits and has sadly discontinued their smile program.

If you donate to UNITED WAY through your paycheck, you can have our ministry as the recipient. Just write/type in Bella Muntean- Angel Heart of Hope Ministry. If you have chosen our ministry as a recipient of United Way, please feel free to let me know because we would like to thank you since United Way is unable to release donor information.

Also, if you make any donations on our FACEBOOK page please let us know because they also don't release donor information. It is best to go directly to our website to make a donation so we can acknowledge you:)

We thank everyone for your support!

Please pray for continual peace, comfort and strength for the families- Muntean, Mellott, Donelli, Rightenour, Witt, Forcier, Lurtey, Gleason, Gosnell, Kocis-Brown, Heos, Coffman,Gibble-Wavle, Hickman, Daniel, Irish, Edwards families, Murphy & Broome Families, Ginny's family, Travis Miller's family,Mildred, Kim Green, Dixie Neff and family, Donna Turner, Murray family, Strasser family, Turner family, Wargo, Lupas, Foster, Greene, Perry, Cummings, Wrobel, Kim Stepp, Marrow, Geer, Wiggins, Jones, Johnson, Scarborough/Biggerstaff, Smith, Dixon, Jones, Fickell, Manwaring, Kojah, Franzen, Glen, Ginger Wray's family, Regina Boyter's family, Amphan family, Misty Johnson's family, Cotos family plus all of the families who are forever hurting because of losing a child or loved one.

Also, please pray for complete healing and needs for our dear friends: Samantha Stacy,Steve Pollard, Molly Gritt, Pam Melton,Julie and Hayden Pare,Bonnie Vaughan, Dorin, Linda Creel, Suzanne Greene, Doris Howell,Sally Hooch,Sam & Elaine Brown,Christian Rhett,Jarus Amphan, Katie,Chumpon Tantawanichpisal,Tricia, Louisa, Judy,Pam,Gary,Florence,Hailey, Isaiah,Sidney,Jeff, Jordan, Kelli Myers, Abbi and McKinley, Marian,John, Christopher, little Kylie &Char, Carrie, Licita Rogers and sister Tomeka Hall, Gerry DiStefano, Deborah DiStefano-remission from cancer, Jennifer Woolman, Paulette, Julie, Larry Spivey, Sue, Wanda,Fanny and Flavio, John & Annette Hunter,Walter and Holly Kondracki(healing so she can have necessary surgery soon),Kristen and Steve, Dendall Wood, Eric-to be seizure free, Brian, Casey O'Brien-Minnesota Gopher battling osteosarcoma cancer, Trina, Lauren Keraga, Anabel, Sandy, Laura, Liliana Maysonet- complete healing from cancer,Laurenda,Cindy,Michael,Bobbie, Jesse, Roger, Kelly Arnold, Noah, Stanley, London, Paula Blair, Jordan, Ken Isaacson,Lisa Bryson, John, Sharon Ditto, Larry,Lisa,Melinda, Karla, Priscilla, Nancy Watson and Darrell,Linda,Sandra,Dawn,Nathalie, Melanie, Tess,Cameron, Kim Stepp, Will (remain cancer free forevermore), Janice,Ella,Hannah, Alyssa, Brady, Bonnie, Stephanie, Jillian Woodring-leukemia, Whitney Williams-8 yr old with afibrinogenemia, Michaela & Tyler Shelley,Sarah, Jada-6 yr old in remission from cancer, Lawson (14 yr old recently diagnosed with cancer),Avery Magliorisi (for proper treatment and complete healing of her eating disorder and for the family), Brigitte, Collene, Gabby, Silvia, Ingrid, Missy, Demere and Laura, Ralphaelo, Doug, Paul, David, Susan, Janice Hammond, Selah Henderson-child in remission from cancer, Addie Freeman-child in remission from cancer and Amari Kalu-child in remission from cancer,Lucca,Jameson, Diego, Tristan, Miss Peyton-cancer, Master Peyton-cancer, Elizabeth, Caillyn(remain cancer free forevermore), Ally, 5 yr old Carter, Valentina-child cancer, Hazel, Isaiah, Evie-child with cancer,Abbie Barnette-in remission from cancer, Maddie Barnett-in remission from cancer, Sylvia, Terry, Kostas Halkias, Kim,James Green, Gunner, Kayla Graham, Lucas, Frank Tocci, Keane, J.C. Schow, Cailin, Stanley,Christopher, Doug, Joyce Galloway, Tammy Daniels , Anna-IBS, Ritsuko, Carla, David Freed-remission from cancer, Jaceon-child with sickle cell anemia, 6 yr old David William Krieger-Robinson complete healing from cancer-A.L.L. Leukemia, David-15 yr old with cancer, Jeanette, Rosalie, Ollie, Skylar Legano-teen with osteosarcoma (bone cancer), Raluca Christina, Kim, Simona Buliga, Alonzo, Ben Armstrong,Mary Catherine, Chris who has a brain tumor to be completely healed, Bob, April, Scott, Chad, Mick, Angela, Charite, Jammie-healing from ovarian cancer, Obadiah Hall, Sue, Ariel Griffith. Alyssa Jones, Jarrod Holt, Nyleek, Anahi, Levi, Keandre, Kieli, Kenzie, Violet, Jayden, baby Lindsey, Chloe Bella, Allyson Pack-Adair,, Valerie, Judy, Kristy, Tyler, Lila, Joe Kane, John Hampton, Vivian Laws, Faith, Nancy, Cosmin Florian, Mikel Lee, Dave Sherman , Laylah, Dakota, Jaicee, Taryn, Kelly Malena, Betty, Addidlyn Holmes,Mark Gomol, Don Smith, Dee Hook, Mark MacGregor, Hunter, Brandon, Izzy Dugle, Tommy and Wanda Norris, Jim, Donna, Caroline Kirk, Dorothy, Connie, Walker, Richard, Saroja Sunkari, Ashley McCoy, Anika Karp, Ramsey Gaines and the Gaines family, Travis B, Alvin Mwenda, Tish Cleveland, Anthony, Deanna, Gracie & family, Logan, Lettie, Kathy and GC Strauss (strength and healing), Tripp, Tudor, Grant, Mia, Noah Tyree, Amanda, Ezekiel, Erika and Hezekiah Spann's family, Isaiah Johnson, Leonard, David Williams, Brandon Elliott, Paul, Al, Emma, Frank, Cindy Dill, Jane and Janet, Cruz plus all of the families along with wisdom, good health and guidance for the doctors and staff who care for them:) Please don't stop praying! We need and believe in prayer!!!! Prayer is sooo powerful!!!

The message is "Look for the Signs."

The signs are all around us of God's never failing love. Some days are difficult to see them as we navigate through the many challenges that all of us face with work, taking care of our families, aging parents, sick loved ones and we are completely exhausted, both mentally and physically. As Bella's birthday on March 24th and her 5 yr passing approaches on April 8th. I think of the many times she told me to look for the signs. I didn't understand until her passing exactly what she meant. Even through her intense battle with cancer, Bella had joy in her heart because the Holy Spirit resided in her. She learned to appreciate her close walk with God and His surrounding beauty around us. She saw His signs everywhere!

I daily struggle with the unending grief and painful loss of Bella but the Lenten season causes me to reflect on my personal walk with Christ. Dorin and I have begun watching "The Chosen" and if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend watching it on the free Angel Studios app. It is about Jesus and His ministry with His disciples. At the end of every episode, someone comes on and gives their testimony. It is so inspiring!

I have learned to be more thankful and aware of God's love all around us. It could be as simple as a phone call, message or any kindly spoken words such as "I love you" from my spouse, a family member or friend, a smile from a stranger, the budding trees, birds chirping, budding flowers, a sunrise or sunset or the yellow smiley face balloon that greets me each day and makes me think of Bella and God's unfailing love for us.

I have also been fortunate enough to have received many signs of Bella's love with me. One time, I was organizing a box of ribbon upstairs in our storage room and found a small pair of Angel wings, the size of my pinky finger and they were a gold material. I had no idea how they got there and never saw them before.

On New Year's Day I went to take a bath and relax and came across one of Bella's bath bombs but didn't have the heart to throw it away. I put it in the bathtub full of bubbles anyways. After the water had drained and the bubbles dissolved, at the bottom of the tub were all of these tiny red hearts. I just smiled and knew it was another sign from Bella and of God's love for me.

Each day is a new day given me by the Lord. I will praise Him and look for the signs. Even though life has its many struggles, pain and difficulties which are often overwhelming, God enables us to join the psalmist in singing for joy at what His hands have done. This reminds us to look for the obvious signs in God's wondrous creation, His inspired Word, our health, blessings of family, friends, food, jobs, housing and most importantly the free gift of Jesus who God sent to save all of us and loves us all. We can also be signs for others by the examples that we share of His love through our words and actions. The signs are all around us. Praise God for His unfailing love!

Scripture verse: Psalm 92:4 I sing for joy at what your hands have done.

Wishing you all many blessings!

In Peace and Love,


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