Angel Heart of Hope gifts

From a Hospital Worker

"Just thought you would like to know...I met a little girl at work today who, even though she was very afraid,  was very brave. Brave enough to warrant an American Girl doll. The look on her face when we gave her the doll brought tears to my eyes. Thank you and Bella for such a wonderful gift!!!!!"


A Family Touched by Bella

"I am so thankful for Bella's charity because now they are helping families like us."

Both Michaela and her brother Tyler have mitochondrial disease.


By Molly G

Beautiful Bella - You told me this was one of your favorite bible verses: For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” ~John 3:16, and it seems so incredibly applicable now that you have entered God’s kingdom where you will have eternal life. My heart hurts and words are hard right now.... cancer has taken too many people. Too many amazing and one-of-a-kind people. ...Sweet Bella- Thank you for your endless friendship, for making me laugh, for making me smile, for demonstrating the good in humanity, for sharing your heart of gold, for teaching others what true faith is, and for being everything you are and were. You inspired me and so many others daily. Thank you for showing the world how to move mountains. I love you so much and miss you already! The world may have lost an angel, but Heaven definitely gained one awesome one. Fly high sweet girl!!! 💕


(Molly lovingly made this doll replica of Bella's Cancer journey as she was battling Mast Cell Disease)


By Callie G


Isn't it remarkable how God works? I've never met any of you or Bella, but her story and real faith and you guys' story and real faith have given me hope. She made an impact on my life, and so do you all.

The world is changing because you are continuing to let God work in you! I know this is true.