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Our Programs are only possible with your support.

Romans 8:28
“And we know that all things work together
for good to those who love God, to those who are
called according to His purpose."

The heart of this ministry entails four programs only made possible through generous
support of our community supporters, churches and volunteers. 

Angel Heart of Gifts in PIllowcases
Angel Heart of Hope Gifts
Angel Heart of Hope Gifts
Angel Heart of Hope gifts

The many gifts we are able to distribute
because of our generous supporters.

Angel Pillowcase Gifts

This program delivers pillowcases with our angel logo with or without gifts to children with life-threatening illnesses and angel books to children and families in the hospital.


  • LARGE GIFTS given at milestones-birthdays, end of treatment, beginning of treatment, holidays. LEGO gifts for the BOYS and AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS  for the GIRLS


  • Provides ONE ANGEL GIFT PILLOWCASES which is filled according to age and gender, with a variety of toiletry items, crafts, toys, books, slippers, blankets, candy, etc. Plus a stuffed animal to make the child smile. Sometimes, due to different illnesses, the child isn't allowed to have visitors and the stuffed animal is comforting no matter the age.


  • GIFT CARDS for TEENS so they can purchase what they like.

  • GAS & FOOD GIFT CARDS help with the extra expenses from hospital stays and visits.


  • GIFT CARDS for PARENTS to Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts so they can take a break for a few minutes.

Angel Book Gifts

The Chaplain Patrick Jinks, the Coordinator of Spiritual Care and Bereavement at Prisma Children's Hospital, has created with Brenda Muntean an "Angel Book Memorial" in honor of Bella's love of God and wanting to spread the gospel, for the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and Children's Hospital.

NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) Angel Books: We purchase the recommended spiritual books in Bella’s memory to be given to families who have babies in this unit at the hospital. While they are often limited in their ability to hold their babies, they are encouraged to bond through reading Bible stories, songs, and prayers.

Nurse Pamela J. Wrobel and Bella with angels that Pam creates on the pillowcases.

Angel Gifts Program


Bella's Impact

In 2017, when Bella began this charity  (before our official non-profit status)

over $10,000 dollars was donated in gifts, gift cards, pillowcases, Bibles and religious items, impacting thousands of children and their families and this continues presently. 

Bella's Reach

We have been blessed to give the majority of our donations to many families throughout the state of South Carolina. Plus, we have sent donations to North Carolina, New Jersey, California, Illinois, Texas, and Ohio also, to other countries including Thailand, Romania and Canada. Our goal is to continue helping as many children as possible in spreading the love of God and hope through our many gifts.​

Bella's Endurance

Bella's faith and her commitment was strong. She NEVER missed a month of her pillowcase gift delivery - even during the last month of her life when she was in HOSPICE.

All it takes is one person, no matter how small the idea or gift to make a difference. WE are strong and together we can impact children & families TODAY!

Pediatric Cancer Cure Research Program

Angel Heart of Hope Bella during treatment




This program provides charitable monetary awards to medical institutions for pediatric cancer cure research. Bella had osteoscarcoma, a rare bone cancer. Her oncologist at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, Dr. Peter Anderson, has been researching this specific cancer for over twenty years, leading in life prolonged treatments. 


In addition, Angel Heart of Hope collaborates with The Osteosarcoma Institute (OSI) to help fund clinical trials for better treatments and a cure for osteosarcoma. For more information please contact: 

OSI offers free resources to help those impacted by osteoscarcoma at:





Gold Ribbon

Angel Scholarship Program

 This program will provide a yearly scholarship, after application completion and approval process, to a graduating senior at Riverside High School, Bella’s alma mater, in Greer, SC. The selected student must be involved with community service or missionary work and plan to attend college, vocational school or continue their missions education.

If you have not already obtained an application from a guidance counselor, you may download one from this page.

Please mail or email application. *Our new mailing address: 3620 Pelham Rd. #172, Greenville, SC 29615.  ALL necessary information (application, transcript & essay).


(US Mail or Scan to Email)

Bella Muntean Dress

This program will provide financial assistance to families who have a child with a life-threatening illness in active palliative care and are SC Upstate County residents. Assistance will be available for rent/mortgage, hospital bills, utility bills, emergency and funeral expenses. ALL families will need to complete an application and an approval process to be awarded ANY financial gift/ award.

To receive an application, please contact:


Financial Assistance Program


Precious Children Who Have Received Your Gifts

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